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Speed Up PC with System Scanner

Systimizer is a comprehensive application for PC maintenance and performance optimization. Its System Scanner conducts a thorough examination across different information directories. These include registry entries, caches, dump files, error report files, system log files, temporary files created by system and applications, downloaded files, internet browsing history, and MRUs. Apart from cleaning the aforementioned information centers it also automatically tweaks system and internet settings for speed jumps.

PC Maintenance
Auto Speed

Better Speed with System Booster

System Booster improves system performance by optimizing Windows services and application processes. It is beneficial for users running graphics-heavy and processing-power hungry applications. It's a great feature for someone who does not own exemplary system. With System Booster Turned-On, your slow sluggish computer will transform into a super-fast PC.

Fast System access with Registry Defrag

The information in registry remains unorganized, even if you have carried multiple registry scan and repairs. The void between this information results in fragmentations, obstructing the system to read it easily. Registry Defrag feature amalgamated in Systimizer, joins these fragments to form an unbroken series of instructions.

Registry Defragmentation
Reduce Startup Time

Minimal Boot time with Startup Manager

If you want your PC to be at your service in the least seconds while you turn it on, try screening the startup program list from unnecessary applications. Systimizer provides you with an easy access to this list through its Startup Manager feature.

Technical Details

  • Operating System: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP
  • Version:, File Size: 1.40 MB

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